JW Petermann

Jerry W. Petermann, 68, has spent a lifetime as a scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and creator of new business ventures. He has worked at all levels of science and technology and has been instrumental, at a national level, in leading the fight against the poisoning of children by lead based paint.

Within the past 12 years he was awarded a number of patents in telecommunications and artificial intelligence in the U.S. and abroad.  Active in  Mitocholdrial DNA research , he has fielded products to reduce the effects of aging and the rigors of competitive atheletic competition. For several years, he spent time as a Christian minister. 

Recently, 2013, he has appeared as a guest several times on the GCN Radio network shows The Power Hour with Joyce Riley and Radio Liberty with Dr. Stan Monteith, as a nuclear specialist and nutritional health proponent.


Bless the dinosaurs of old
For little of their story’s told
And never shall we hear their cry
Nor, look them squarely in the eye…

But, if by some strange 
And wondrous twist of fate
They should come back to life
At some future date…

Let me be as THEY are today –
Long ago….and FAR away!

The Sun embraces Eternity until morning, bursts forth, then, once more rests 
in the void
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The Writer:
Since the age of ten he has been a creative writer. First, published in local newspapers as a poet and later as a writer for radio and television. His greatest love is children's books and short stories. There are though, the novels for grownups and poetry...always there is poetry.

The Humorist:
As he has aged, humor has become an area of develpoing interest as is the cartooning required for his four developing strips and collections of cartoon panels to be published as a book. This site showcases a few of his works and is the center of his publishing efforts. Materials include: audio CD's, framed Cartoon Panels, stories, children's books, books of collected-stories, novels and poetry.
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JW Petermann
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This exciting journey through the world of health and natural healing is full of wit, wisdom and humor. Have fun and tell your friends there are many other way to stay healthy than simply the traditional health care system!