Songs by
JW Petermann
An audio CD, "Other Places In My Mind" will be available for purchase here on August 1, 2014. It's a collection of short stories of the strange and mysterious performed by Mr. Petermann.
Over 45 years ago,  Mr. Petermann performed at county fairs and high school functions with a friend named Roger. They mainly sang Simon and Garfunkel songs. Later, he formed a group with another fellow and two women to perform folk music. It was known as Mariah, from the song of the same name. They sang songs from such artists "Peter, Paul and Mary" and the "Mamas and the Papas". The group was short lived.

Since that time, Mr. Petermann has seldom performed but, has continued to write songs and lyrics. Recently, he gave it one more shot with a comedy country song called Uncle Benny. It's presented below for play.
(Performed in Austin, TX 1998 by Henry Higgins)